Safe-Neb Compressor Nebulizer Machine

Glucose Meter is a device for determining the approximately concentration of the glucose in the body. It is a key element of home blood sugar monitoring (hbgm) by people with diabetes mellitus or hypoglycemia


Innovative biosensor technology and design

SAFE-Life Care Sens N applies the biosensor electrode with amperometry built in

0.5µl whole blood sample

Avery small blood sample required by drawing blood into the test strip for almost pain-free test

Large lcd screen

Comfortable and easy access to the test result

Rapid test result

Test result analyzed and displayed in 5 seconds and will be automatically stored in the meter,s memory

Easy operation in 3 steps

Power-on by electrode insertion, test process and test result on the lcd screen

Memory recall of the latest 250 test results

SAFE-Life Care Sens Nmeter can save up to 250 glucose test results with time and date

Averages of test results

SAFE-Life Care Sens N meter calculates and displays the averages of total test results, pre-meal test results, and post-meal test results from the last 14 days

Button manipulation

Operated with three manipulation buttons, oriented to users comfort and convenience


SAFE-Life Care Sens N Glucose Meter is designed to minimize code related errors in monitoring by using the no-coding function


Four types of alarm can be set in the Safe-Life meter. One post-meal alarm (pp2 alarm) and three time set alarms (1~3). The pp2 alarm goes off 2 hours after setting the alarm. The alarms ring for 15 second and can be silenced by pressing the s button or inserting a test strip.

Contol solution

SAFE-Life Care Sens N control solution contains a known amount of glucose and is used to check that meter and the test strips are working properly



1. Safe-life Care Sens N blood glucose meter
2. Lancing device
3. Lancet (10)
4. Owners booklet
5. Quick reference guide
6. Logbook
7. Carrying case
8. Safe-life Care Sens N blood glucose test strip(10)
9. Battery ( 2 )

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