Electrical Heating Pad

Electrical Heating Pad Relief

Used for warming of parts of the body in order to manage pain localized application of heat causes the blood vessels in that area to dilate, enhancing perfusion to the targeted tissue.

Always place the cloth heating pad on a flat surface.

After the cloth heating pad is charging for 12-14 minutes, the indicator will be off (auto-cut) and the charging is complete.

The cloth heating pad is made of ultra-strong rubber film composite fiber.

Fiber used is made of computerized embroidery pattern and bright colors with three dimensional effects.

Unlike traditional rubber bottle, it can be used continuously longer duration after a single charge.

It does not require filling of liquid again & again as it contains permanent pre-filled solution.

So a BLESSINGS especially for the old age people as they become self dependent, JUST PLUG IN- GET IT CHARGED –USE IT, So does not need any help for getting water boiled and filled every time like in case of traditional bottles.

Suitable for outdoor use especially while traveling and sitting in the office etc.

It’s convenient shape is capable of giving relief to any part of human body, e.g. Neck, Shoulder, Back, Knee, etc.

Volts : 220V AC Frequency : 50Hz Input Power : 600 Watt

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